Wednesday, January 26, 2011

“Umm . . . why aren’t you blogging, Mommy?”

I know this is exactly what Ellie is thinking in this picture because I have been SO bad lately! I haven’t been posting anything or taking enough pictures. I’m well on my way to the Mother of the Year Award. Ellie’s personality is changing so much. I am loving each day with my baby girl – who just loves to smile and ‘coo’ at her Momma. :) She is still loving bath time – and it is still my favorite time because I love to watch her curious little eyes watch the water fall. She is becoming more active with her hands all the time. She twiddles her thumbs and touches her face. I love when she “rests” her chin on her little hand = ADORABLE.


This picture is cracking me up – Lu looking adorable in her 3 month gown (that is already too small . . .kind of sad!), her little pink polka dotted socks that don’t match at all, her boppy with the crazy cute print, the bright blanket underneath made by Toni Shanks, and to top it all off those little ruby red fingernails. :) Loving it!

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