Monday, January 17, 2011

Ellie’s Weekend

Our little Lu had a very busy weekend, which was quite a change from our week – we stayed home every day because it was so cold out! Hopefully this week isn’t so frigid so we can make some visits :)
Here are a few of the weekend’s highlights . . .


We made an appearance at Lexi’s birthday party at “Thunder Alley.” Don’t let this picture fool you – our baby is no party pooper, she just got a little tired after watching her Mommy kick her Daddy’s butt at bowling. ;)


Jimmy is such a trendsetter in his sweats and bowling shoes, don’t cha’ think?


After we went bowling, LuBird and I sacked out on the couch and watched the Miss America pageant. My princess took lots of notes!


On Sunday, Ellie spent the night at Nana and Papa’s house, giving Mommy and Daddy a chance to go to dinner and a movie. After a delicious dinner, we both decided we were too tired for a movie and headed home for some precious sleep. :) Ellie enjoyed her time with Aunt Mollie, Nana, Papa, and Uncle Jesse. She watched Transformers and apparently could not take her eyes off of the television. She loved the action!


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