Monday, October 4, 2010

Pretty Piggies!

Last week, my little cousin Gracie and I treated ourselves to a couple of spa pedicures! This was a very exciting day for the both of us, because it was Grace's first pedicure EVER and my very swollen feet deserved a little treat! ;) I was so happy to get to introduce Grace to the joys of going to get your toes done. It is crazy how such a little thing can make someone feel so good! Grace picked out a very cute orange color and opted for little white daisies on a couple of toes. They turned out so adorable! When Aunt Keri asked Grace what she thought about the experience, she said "It sure was different!" I was thankful her feet were not ticklish; sometimes I have a rough time holding still while they scrub my feet! I was nervous when the lady started to massage her toes and Grace raised her eyebrows so tall and smiled big - but she assured me it felt "so good!" I think I have created a little diva, because I can tell she will expect many more pedicures in her future! :) I can't wait until I get to take Ellie to her first pedicure - if she is anything like her Mom and big cousin Gracie, I know she will just love it!

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